What do you want?

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Reading: John 1: 29-42

What do you want?” And this is the question that Jesus asked 2 of John the Baptist’s disciples.


Seriously what do YOU want as you follow Jesus?

This is a really Good question to ask.

Let’s have a few moments of silence to ponder this and maybe think around these possibilities.

  • I want to move away from negative thinking to really believing what The Bible says is true.
  • I need to find more peace.
  • I want to get to know Him better by reading my Bible more, thinking about some Bible verses and how they apply to me.
  • I want to get to know Him better by spending time with Him, just me and Him,
  • I’m very dissatisfied with myself and my life. I need to change & find a new direction
  • I need to have faith that God will work in an issue in my life and I give Him my permission to change me and my attitude in this situation.
  • I want to commit my life to following Jesus and not just knowing about Him.
  • OR you may have something different.

Let’s have some silence NOW to think what we want as Jesus asks US this question.

With our question in mind I now want us to look at the BIBLE passage in more detail.

Let’s begin by looking at Jesus in this passage.

The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! A powerful statement for a powerful God who can take away the things that are holding you back.

A powerful God who is working with you in the request you have just made.

This is the powerful one we are giving our answer to.

Jesus is also……… the One who will be revealed.

So if your longing is for more of God then He will be the One who will work with you to reveal more of God.

He’s The one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.’

I want us to really hold on to this revelation of who Jesus is.

The baptiser with the Holy Spirit.’

John baptised Jesus with water and Jesus had said that this was a good thing, a necessary thing to do. Most of us here have been baptised with water and many have taken those baptismal promises as their own at confirmation.

But there may be some thinking. “Actually this is what I want. “I want to be baptised, or be confirmed.”

Great, come and talk to me afterwards or to Shera.

John baptised with water but Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus was baptised the Holy Spirit came upon Him, ascending like a dove and it was this infilling of God’s Holy Spirit that launched Jesus into ministry.

Everything changed from this point.

Jesus is one who can drench us with the Holy Spirit. When water enters into a Tea bag then the potential of the tea is released.

When we have the Holy Spirt working in our lives rather than doing things in our own way, then our potential is released; more importantly HIS POTENTIAL within us is released. Dry Tea leaves are changed, transformed into a refreshing, sustaining drink when drenched in water. How might each one of us be changed when His Holy Spirit drenches us?

As you think about what you want you may want to think about it in the context of Jesus drenching you with Holy Spirit life because then everything changes.

In answer to the disciples question What do you want? Jesus replied to them

Come and you will see” This is an invitation to us. An invitation to travel with Jesus to where He is……. To stay where He stays.

If your desire is to get closer to Jesus, then He invites you personally to be where He is………. To abide with him.

Come and you will see. ……….. as Jesus drenches us with Holy Spirit life we can come and see Jesus and abide with Him in a deeper way. Jesus invites us,……. YOU, to do just that.

The disciples spent the DAY with Him. Have you ever spent a day with Jesus? Or even half a day? This too is an invitation to YOU.


We are very blessed to have Breathing Space this in our village. It is a house and gardens tucked away to the left of the Post Office. There is no charge to go there (though you can give a donation if you want to.) You can use the rooms and gardens just as you would like. There is a chapel and an art room….. There are secluded places in the garden.

If your desire was to go deeper with God this might be a good place to start. You could take a Christian book as well as a Bible and a note book to jot down the things that come to you or maybe put down some random thoughts, or a make poem or a Psalm. There are leaflets there giving some direction if that would help.

But maybe you longing was not spiritual but was for some peace and quiet Breathing Space is a good place for that too. Your book might be a novel. You could take a craft or do some art.

There are drink making facilities there and if you are lucky there might be some of Lois’s home-made Cookies but you can take your own food along to add to it.


Andrew in our account went and found his brother Simon and took him to see Jesus

Breathing Space could be a good place to take a friend who also needs some peace or a listening ear.

Spend a day or a part of a day in a place full of God’s company. A place where the Holy Spirit is.

When Jesus saw Simon He looked at him and said, “You are Simon, son of John. You will be called Cephas, which is translated Peter.

Peter means a ROCK, someone solid and reliable.

When Jesus looked at Peter He saw who He would become and gave him the name that showed this belief.

When we look at Peter in the beginnings of the gospel stories we see

  • someone who is Courageous but also loud & impetuous;
  • someone who speaks out but engages his mouth before thinking;
  • a person of enough faith to walk on water at Jesus’ invitation but sinks as his faith sinks.
  • Someone brave enough to go into the courtyard of the High Priest -but who disowns Jesus at the first question of a servant girl.

Oh dear a moving pebble- not a strong Rock!

But Jesus sees who he is to become. He sees the Rock that Peter will become and says to Peter before his disastrous denial, that He is praying for him that afterwards when Peter has turned back he will strengthen his brothers.

Perhaps your answer to Jesus’ question “What do you want?” was something like………. I’m very dissatisfied with myself and my life. I want to change & find a new direction.

Jesus has something to offer someone who replies to Him like this.

Peter became the Rock…………. He became one of the Leaders of the emerging church…. Strong dependable, …… understanding of the weakness of others.

Was there something more that brought Peter to that place of strength, that helped him become the Rock.

Is there hope for you as there was for Peter?

Let’s move on a few weeks from the despairing Peter who had just denied his Lord. It’s after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Peter has an encounter with Jesus on a beach where Peter is able to restate his love for Jesus and he discovers the forgiving love of Jesus and has Jesus commission to “Feed the sheep” ie to disciple the emerging church. Jesus still has a vision for this pebble becoming a ROCK. Good but………

Later we find him behind locked doors with the other disciples in “fear of the Jews” because of the unrest following Jesus’ crucifixion. But this anxious crowd were also waiting, waiting for a promise to be fulfilled.

 Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting………….  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is baptising them with the Holy Spirit. He keeps His promises.

Peter, goes outside from his locked room and this uneducated fisherman speaks with such conviction that 3,000 people respond.

And YOU? Your name is………?. A pebble or….? Fill in your own blank. Who will you become?……………….

Where will Jesus take you when He invites you to Come and see” …………………………………….

As a church we may be in a vacancy. That is, without a minister.

But Jesus, through the Holy Spirit is not in a vacancy.

We are all candidates for Jesus to reveal Himself to us;

Jesus asks US “What do YOU want. “ ……

Invites us to “Come and see”

He invites US to spend quality time with Him;

He invites us to receive an infilling of His Spirit and transformation as

We can become the person that He wants.

Who will you become?

Let us take some more time now to make a response as Jesus asks…….. “What do you want?”


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When is Breathing Space open? Can I visit any time?

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