How is it that we can be easily lead astray?

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Luke 21:5-19

How is it that we can be easily lead astray?!

In 1971 the Stanford prison experiment was an experiment that investigated the effects of perceived power, focusing on the relationship between prisoners and prison officers. The research group used college students as volunteers. The volunteers were given roles to be either “guards” or “prisoners” in a mock prison. The students quickly embraced their assigned roles, with some guards enforcing authoritarian measures and subjecting some prisoners to psychological torture, while many prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, by the officers’ request, actively harassed other prisoners who tried to stop it.

How is it that we can be easily lead astray?!

There are leaders who claim to be messianic leaders, cult leaders such as Koresh, Jones, Moon and Mitchell.

There are popular leaders who the crowd goes after believing that these leaders have the answers to everything. They’re seen almost like Marvel comic heroes who have superpowers; able to change dire situations into victory. The 20th century is littered with political leaders who claim to solve our problems. We look up to politicians and leaders. In the USA during the 1970s people supported President Nixon but the Watergate scandal may have led them to feel betrayed as a result of his fall from grace. They may have felt they had been led astray.

Jesus had people project upon him (and still does) what they want him to be – a Messiah that would defeat the Romans, a leader to make Israel a great nation again. No, this is not who Jesus is.

Someone once said that like the seat of a royal throne, there is only space for one person; the throne is not built for two to power share, and it’s not a bench to have several people sitting on it vying for your attention.Throne, Chair, Charles Iii, Spain

Hold fast to Jesus. If anyone asks you to follow them instead of Jesus, then be on your guard.

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  1. Be careful who you enthrone – there is only room for one person; Jesus.

  2. Do not allow the rulers of life, who promise to resolve your anxieties, lead you astray.

  3. Luke 21:15. Trust in Jesus who is going to give you the wisdom when we are persecuted or threatened.

The wisest gift is to ask for wisdom. During this general election we should pray that all leaders have wisdom, and we should also pray for wisdom for ourselves. Above all things value wisdom.

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