Good Neighbours

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Reading: Luke:10:25-37

Do you remember the 1980s TV series “Neighbours”?
Do you remember the names of the different characters?

Our reading explores what it means to be a good neighbour, investing in money, time and work to build relationships.

The Allesley Festival is also an example of spending money, time and work in order to build relationships in the community regardless of background, race, faith, or social standing. It’s been great to see over the past week what tremendous work volunteers have done, investing their time and talents, to raise money for social organisations and charities within Allesley. And it was great to see All Saints’ Church being part of that with having a representative on the Allesley Festival Planning Committee, having a special Allesley Festival Church Service for the coronation of the Princes and Princess of the Festival, hosting the Arts Exhibition, the Plant Sale, hosting the Allesley Primary School Photograph Exhibition, hosting the Jazz Night and taking part in the Allesley Festival Procession with our “Seen on TV” float and spreading the Good News.

Another example is The Good Neighbours Coventry. Jackie Kemp gave a brief talk about putting the Good Samaritan themes into practice.
The Good Neighbours Coventry scheme is an exciting initiative developed by local churches (via HOPE Coventry and Together for Change) in partnership with Age UK Coventry to reduce isolation and therefore improve health and wellbeing amongst older people.
Being a volunteer is marvellous, it brings such a joy to know you have brightened the day of someone who would otherwise have been on their own.

For more information on Good Neighbours Coventry groups, befriending or visiting, please contact Jackie Kemp on or on 07763 908460.

So to recap being a good neighbour means investing  in money, time and work/effort, and that’s what Jesus teaches us in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

What stories can you share about building better relationships in your community?