The Transfiguration

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Reading: Luke 9: 28-36

Do not diminish Jesus.
If we make a decision to diminish Jesus, even before we meet with him, then we have impoverished ourselves.
I wonder if the disciples were diminishing Jesus, then saw the transfiguration and had their minds blown?
Here we see:
Moses who incarnates the Law
Elijah who incarnates the Prophets
Jesus who incarnates God.

The Kingdom of God is incarnate in us.
It is up to us to bring God’s Kingdom.

Ask people how they are doing and they inevitably say”busy”.
We need to take time to be still in the presence of God – Lent is an opportunity to take that time out to receive Jesus.

So let us not forget:
1. Jesus is the focus.
2. The Kingdom is delivered in humanity.
3. During Lent, let us stand and receive Jesus.

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