I Am the Good Shepherd

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Reading: John 10: 11-18
Listen to the talk by Miles:

Let’s look at each word of this simple statement: ” I am the good shepherd”.

I Am
When Jesus says “I am” he is taking on the “I Am” of God.
For instance, when God meets Moses at the burning bush, God says “I AM who I AM.” (Exodus 3:13-14).

Jesus says “…the…” which is very specific. Jesus didn’t say “I am a good shepherd”, he said “I am the good shepherd”. We go and look for salvation in the wrong place – in money, possessions, other religions, ourselves, in destructive habits, and in bad relationships. Jesus was clear and specific; salvation comes through him.

“Good” is a word which has lost its potency. In our modern western culture we have substitutes like “bad”, “wicked and “sic” to mean “good”. Jesus’ life and ministry is all good. He is the personification of God. He wants good for you. The question is do you accept that he is good, and is good for you and the world?

Sheep are complex, unpredictable, inquisitive and adorable. Jesus implies we are the same. We need each other as sheep need the flock, we also need the shepherd. Without the shepherd the flock would soon disintegrate. Here, we need to focus on Jesus, the good shepherd, otherwise we will be picked off by predators. We must focus on the good shepherd because he is good; he will guide, protect and love us.

Prayer Reflection:  Through Light and Shadow (Sally’s Eternal Echoes website)

Through light and shadow
I am led, I follow,
through the ins and outs
the ups and downs
of these days,
when my heart is failing,
when my spirit rejoices,
when I can barely put one foot
in front of the other
still you beckon me on…
when I stumble you support me,
when I can go no further
you carry me,
through light and shadow,
in death’s dark vale,
and on the mountain peaks
you lead me,
through tangled webs
on rocky ground,
on smoother paths,
through light and shadow
you lead me,
I follow,
may I never
walk alone…