What Does Father’s Day Mean To You?

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Just like Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day means different things to different people depending on what type of parent you’ve had.

Reading John 14: 5-15

In this passage we see that Jesus explains that he is the way to the Father – like Father, like Son.

But what type of Father is God?
Some people have a very Victorian idea of what God is like – cold, distant, reprimanding.
Others see God as loving, compassionate, available and engaged.

Sometimes fathers can be disappointing:

But our Heavenly Father is:
Joyful, and welcoming (he loves you with a joyful exuberance),
He gives extravagant gifts to his children (he blesses you day in day out),
He invites us into the family business (you have a role to play in the Father’s Kingdom).

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