Search for New Editor

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The search is now on for the next Allesley Parish Magazine editor. The magazine is published three times a year, and over 3,800 copies of each issue are delivered free to homes in the Allesley Parish.

In the Easter 2020 edition Amanda Slater the exiting editor writes:
It was in early 2010 that Robin Trew, our then Rector, put forward his proposal that the Parish Magazine should metamorphose from a subscribers only Church Newsletter, to a delivered free to all residents, Community Magazine. At this point I had just retired from a completely different job but rather fancied the idea of editing such a publication. I had not a clue where to start – however I had always enjoyed writing and taking photographs, so how hard could it be? I purchased some cheap publisher software and, by trial and error, found out how it worked. So it was, that at Easter 2010 we launched Issue One -the rest, as they say, is history. After ten years the booklet we now produce is, in my view, something of which to be very proud. I have been astonished at the number and diversity of articles that have come in for each issue. It has been an absolute pleasure to edit, as it has been to drop it through the post boxes of the parish and receive, without exception, such very lovely comments from readers. However, I feel now is the right time to step down from my post as editor. I would like to leave it at this point, when each issue surpasses the previous one. For that is the point when someone with a fresh approach and new ideas should take it on through the next decade. I will continue until Christmas 2020.
Are you the one who can take it forward?
I produce the magazine on my PC, whizz it over to the printer in Leicester and in less than a week they are at my door with dozens of boxes of copies. I then count them out, box them up and deliver them to my dedicated and lovely group of volunteers, who distribute them around the parish.The logistics were quite a challenge at first, as I had no idea how to tackle it. Now it runs like a well oiled machine! Maybe the two aspects of the job would be best split – I must say I innocently took it all on rather by default! We are, therefore, looking for someone who has a vision of how the magazine could develop editorially and someone who just loves counting out copies and delivering boxes! If you feel you could do either please do get in touch.

I am confident there is someone out there just itching to take over. Don’t wait to be asked twice, grab your chance!

If you feel called to be the next editor or want to make enquires please contact Amanda, email: