Prayer Warrior – 18 April 2020

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Hi Prayer Warriors,

Elizabeth sent his quote to share with you ….

What about in the dark times when its hard to celebrate and dance? What about now in this strange time we’re going through, of loneliness, desperate uncertainty about jobs and future planned events and for such a long time?  

May we remember that the Resurrection happened in the darkness in the cave before the sun came up, in the night with only the smell of damp earth and feelings of despair in the cold stone, not a flower in sight,  just fear and hopelessness.  

If you are experiencing any of those fears, reach out to Jesus – who takes away all our fears!  Please do not sit alone, phone someone to ask them to pray with you or phone me and I will be more than happy to pray with you!

We would love to link up church folk as part of our Prayer Warrior idea.  Please email me the best number to call you on so we can link you with someone.

Please see letter – Prayer Warrior

Click here to read a poem by Richard Hendrick sent in by Mary and Bryan.

Alison x