Good Friday Family Service

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Good Friday is a strange name for today but Christian’s believe it’s a special day, which God had planned from the beginning. It’s the day when we remember how much God loves us, because he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take away all the bad things that people do, so that we can be part of God’s family. These bad things are sometimes called sin.

Before he died Jesus wanted to share a special goodbye meal with his friends because he had some important to tell them.

Jesus loved his friends very much, so he tried to warn them that something very sad was going to happen to him. Jesus knew that this sad thing was part of God’s plan and it would be alright in the end, but his friends didn’t understand him.

The Good Friday part of the Easter story can be hard for us to understand too. So I wonder if we could have 6 volunteers to help up.

We’re going to think about the meaning of the word Easter.

Invite children in turn to pick an egg out of the bag and then rearrange the letters to make the word Easter.

E is for Everyone – at Easter we remember that Jesus loves all of us. So shall we find out what’s inside the Egg…. A huge heart to represent Jesus’ love for everyone.

A is for arrested. Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong. But he allowed the soldiers to arrest him, beat him and hurt him for all the bad things people do and the wrong choices we make. [open egg] The heart plasters remind us that Jesus was hurt for us.

S is for sacrifice. Jesus gave up his life and died on the cross so that we can still be friends with God, even though we all make wrong choices sometimes. What do you think is inside this egg… yes that’s right. A cross to remind us that Jesus loves us enough to die for us all.

To help you think about what Jesus did for us, you are going to watch All Saints Open the Book team’s performance of what is probably the saddest story on the Bible. It tells how, although Jesus was good and kind and loving, some bad people planned to hurt him and kill him… It would be great if you could help us by pretending to be the crowd and shouting out the responses when Lesley holds up the cue cards.

Adults can read the original version from John 19:16-42.

Wow…That was a sad story , wasn’t it? Christian’s remember this story every year on Good Friday…But what could be good about such a sad story? Well the clue was in the part about Jesus taking away all the bad things that people have done. And because Jesus took away the blame for the bad things, as Christians we believe we can be forgiven. And that’s GOOD!

Sometimes sad things happen to us too, don’t they? Can you close your eyes and think of a time when you were sad and what it was that made you happy again…

Dear God, help us to remember that no matter what happens to us, however bad it seems , however sad we feel, you are always very close to us and will never leave us Amen

Recap E… A… S… [ children hold up first 3 eggs and their contents]

T is for tomb. [Open egg] After Jesus died his friends wrapped him in cloth and put his body in a tomb. Then they covered the entrance with huge stone so that no one could get in or out.

E, this E is for Empty. [open egg] When Jesus’ friend when back to the tomb, on the third day, the stone had been moved and JESUS’ BODY WAS GONE. Only the cloth Jesus’ body had been wrapped in was left behind!

R is for Risen [open the last egg] Jesus had risen from the dead and is Alive today.

Final Prayer:
Dear God, thank you that you love us all so much [ stretch arms out wide] that you planned a way for Jesus to be our friend forever. Amen.

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