The Gift of Church

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Reading Acts 2: 42-47.


The God of the Hebrews is the God of proximity – he wants to be near you.

Let’s put the Bible reading in context. Pentecost has happened and God’s Holy Spirit has been poured on to his people..

The Church is the Gift from God – it’s not the building, but the people which is the Church.
“You will be my people, and I will be your God”. Exodus 6:7.

Church is where:
1. Where we meet God.
The Church is the place for the miraculous.
It is where we can experience the person defining moments.
Walking together in faith as God’s people.
It is where we can make life long relationships.
It is where fragile and broken people come.

2. Place of Sharing.
Sharing is not easy to do.
Yet the Church encourages sharing – sharing the good news and knowledge of Jesus Christ in the Church.
The sharing of our money, talents and time.
God does not ask us to share what we don’t have.

3. We Transform the World.
The Church is in the world, and so it is important that we are working in the community.
The Church is a co-worker with Christ.

The Church is not convenient, it’s not easy, but God asks,
what are we bringing to Church?
God equips the Church through its people.
In the Bible reading everybody comes to Church to contribute.
Bring yourself – if you have nothing else, just bring yourself.
We are co-workers with God and he presents so many opportunities.
Take your faith into work.

The Church is the a place to come and go out, come and go out – we are a blessing when we come together and are fired up to go out into the community to declare God’s News which is Jesus Christ.

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