Abundant Creation – The Gift of Abundance

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Reading: Matthew 6: 25-33


Everything is a gift from God.

The world says there is scarcity – scarcity tells us to be worried and anxious.
Jesus says there is enough – just look at Creation!

For example, our lives get so busy it feels like there isn’t enough time – but there is a deeper worry.
Have you ever seen “Location, Location, Location”?
You watch to see what other people’s houses looks like, knowing that you can’t afford to own a house like that. The deeper worry is “you don’t have enough, because you don’t have that house”.

A plum tree can become so full that the branches can bow down with the weight of the abundant fruit.
Creation is a gift because it speaks to our anxiety about scarcity.

Cake, Plum Cake, Pie, Confectionery, Plum, Fine Pastry

Mutual co-existence
Have you ever looked into bee-keeping?
It’s a fascinating hobby, because you learn about how important bees are to pollinate crops and flowers. Without bees we would not have abundant crops. We are interconnected. We are all part of Creation which is shown in the Triune God.

Apiary, Bee, Bee Farm, Beehive, Beeswax, Garden

Love and responsibility – we are stewards of Creation.

The people who work at the Food Bank are wonderful people, who give up their time to help those in need. But the Food Bank is a disgrace – in this day and age, in a world of abundance, there is still a need for a Food Bank is a disgrace.

Creation is enough for everyone’s needs, NOT for everyone’s greed.

Genesis 1:28 – we are stewards of the first covenant, but the greatest threat to Creation is us – the human stewards who God entrusted to protect it.

What to do?

  1. We must admit that we are not God. We are part of Creation.
  2. Trust in God – God is a God of Abundance.
  3. Be agitated by poverty and starvation, because it is an assault, an attack on us, on our communities and on Creation.

Creation : Celebrate It, Protect It, Cherish It.