We are the Body of Christ

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Reading: 1 Peter 4:7-11.

The Body of Christ refers to the people which make up the Church. We all come from different social backgrounds, different sexes, different genders, different races, different abilities, and different ages. But what’s wonderful is that God uses us anyway, in spite of, regardless of and because of our differences.
In today’s talk we were each given a single toy body part; a hand, a torso, a head, a foot, an arm. This represents our talents and abilities. One by one we went up to assemble these individual parts to make up the whole. Bits were falling off, some bits had to be reattached, some bits were discarded. It wasn’t necessarily pretty to look at, but all the parts were connected to one another. It’s a bit like our abilities and talents throughout life. We will use a talent, then God chooses for us to take up a different one – but they all are intended to support the Body of Christ.