While Shepherds…

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  • Heard and Went
  • Saw and Believed
  • Shared and Rejoiced

Heard and Went   
Reading Luke 2: 15-21  New International Version (NIV)

Imagine you were one of the shepherds – you are at the bottom of the social pile, doing the job no one else wants to do. But God has spoken to you. How radical is that!

We are on the cusp of 2017/2018. As a people are we going to say “Yes” to God?

Listen to what he his saying to you. Don’t ignore it.

Saw and Believed
Reading Luke 2: 16-20  The Message (MSG)

So, you decide to say “Yes” to God, so you go. You hear Mary’s story, and Joseph’s story when they tell you what happened to them This vindicates why you came. You share stories and glorify God. Wow! Sharing is an important part of believing – because you see God at work. It’s scary, reassuring and inspiring.

Shared and Rejoiced 
Reading  Luke 2: 16-20 New Century Version (NCV)

It’s worth sharing.This world wants good news.
God does everything with us; rejoicing, weeping, feeling sad, being happy – all with us. God walks with us everywhere we go. It’s not just about having a tough life. It’s about hope, joy and love. God loves you, and just like the shepherds God will speak to you; you are somebody!

If you hear God and go then you will see and believe, and then share and rejoice.
Just say “Yes”.