Harvest Festival Service

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The congregation where asked to make floral arrangements and bring in chocolates to give away to people in our communities. There is something about chocolates and flowers that make people feel luxurious and special.

Harvest reminds us of God’s abundance; that he sees everyone of us as special to Him.

Not only does He give us material things but friendships, good relationships, family, laughter, grace, love, kindness, mercy, compassion and so on.

Harvest is a time to focus our minds on the food we have on our table. The food supply chain that enables us to have milk or bread produced in this country, and fruit from exotic countries that have been transported from across the other side of the world.

God’s gracious abundance; in both good times and bad, is the message we need to share with everyone in our communities. We are co workers with Christ, inviting everyone to share in God’s Kingdom.