What Happened Next #6 – Make A Call

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What Happened Next #6 – Make A Call Acts 4:23-31

Q. “How Does The Holy Spirit Help Me To Pray?”
A. He shakes the foundations and answers you.
So if the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon you and me and we have received power as promised. What’s the difference? The boldness of the disciples is not always my experience – is it yours? I don’t like conflict. I’m still a bit scared of failure. I don’t want to do more harm than good. Do you?
Well the good news is that the Holy Spirit is a guide and counsellor as well as a source of spiritual power. When things get challenging – He is there to guide. When we pray, He answers.
Example: Phones. We all know how to use one of those don’t we? Press Button A wasn’t it…..
How did those first disciples learn about prating in the power of the Holy Spirit?
But what of it doesn’t work, or you don’t know what to do? Like this….
3.30am the phone rings. It can’t be good news. Its the Red Button control centre. Mum has pressed the button and isn’t answering the phone. Time to go. Is she OK? Asleep in bed! Equipment flashing. Press the Red Button. Flash! Beep! Brr! At 4am!. Press all the buttons (there’s only 3!). “This is an Alarm Call. Replace the handset” – no response. Use the mobile together. Call BT. Exchange fault! Go back to bed. But it made me think. What do we do when the phone doesn’t work? When the communication is broken?
Am I doing it right? Still pressing Button A? Rote, Church only, Routine, TalkTalkTalk. May not be the best way for me today. Try another route. Go mobile! Go together.
Is my link to the Holy Spirit down? Guilt, anger, false humility, faithlessness are all broken lines. Check your connections.
Ask for help? You may have to wait. Its not always your fault.
What did they do?
  • Back to their own people v23 – share with others of faith.
  • reported the facts v23 – don’t try to cover up.
  • raised their voices – together – in prayer to God. Don’t give up. Remember the Lord loves you!
  • Ruler – Creator – Word – Authority. Remind yourself who He is. What He has done.
  • Be prepared to wait – but also to act with boldness
  • He will back us up with power
What did God do? What will God do?
  • Shake the foundations
  • pour out his power
  • Change the world
Do not act where you will not pray.


Do not pray where you will not act.
Sermon by Robin Trew
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