“What Happened Next” #2 “It Did Happen” – What happens when the Holy Spirit comes? Acts 2:1-12

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Last week we learnt “This promise is for you, your children and all who are far off” What happens?
  1. You notice v1-4. 2. Other people notice v5-11. 3. People ask questions v7-12
Intro. God the Holy Spirit is in all things.
Like CO2. Its in the air all around. You breathe it in and, because there’s not much you can do with it, you breathe it out again. But some of it stays in you I suppose. Like this bottle of water. Air dissolves in water. So in this water there is some CO2. But you wouldn’t really notice. Its not really doing anything.
So, in much the same way because God is in everything, we can say that the Holy Spirit is in each one of us who are alive. That’s good isn’t it? But maybe it doesn’t make much difference?
  1. You Notice.
But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact it is not supposed to be like that. Jesus said “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” Do you feel powerful? Could you have “received power” inadvertently and not realised it? Not very likely, is it?
Like CO2. Water can be supercharged with it. Who likes Beer? Coke? Pepsi? (other carbonated beverages are available…” How does it get like that? You put extra in! Pure CO2 is powered into the water. And it changes it. Look (charge bottle). It sparkles! It bubbles! It tastes nicer! It might make you burp but there are always side effects!
When the Holy Spirit came on the first disciples – they noticed it! Their heads had flames on them. The heard a tornado in the room. They started talking foreign. So today. You don’t have to be satisfied with the “God is in everything” state. You can receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. He’ll make a change that you can notice. BUT

2. Other People Notice.
You see its not given to you as a reward or, primarily, to make you nicer, livelier, tastier… Its to be a witness, as we heard last week. In this reading the people outside the private gathering didn’t see the tongues of flame or the tornado. No, but they heard something. They heard these uneducated rabble talking in their own languages. They were attracted. It couldn’t be kept quiet.
The Holy Spirit is like that too. If we power up the bottle. If we shake it up. If we take a look inside…….what do we see. Wow! It’s all coming out, fizzing up, spilling over. Quick – catch it! The Holy Spirit wants to break out from our lives to involve all those around us. But to do that, you have to take the lid off. Then what happens? A sudden rush, an outpouring, then…. it all goes a bit flat. Ring any bells?

3. Questions are asked.
Jesus said “…and you will be my witnesses”. Peter says that this promise is for “all who are far off”. How far off? “in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the World.” How do we witness to Jesus?
Well you see this CO2? Its all around. It can power up the water bottle. It can be a demonstration of the power within. But there’s more. You are not a just bottle of water. You are not even a charged up bottle of water. Not even one that has been shaken up ready for opening. You and I can be Soda streams. We can be those who bring this promise of the Holy Spirit to those around us.

God the Holy Spirit is in you and in everything. God the Holy Spirit can change you and empower you. God the Holy Spirit can work through you to bring life to others. Is that what your heart desires?
Sermon by Robin Trew
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