All Saint’s Church Service Information for Sunday 21st February 2021

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This week we begin a three week series on stewardship.
At 8:00am there is an online Morning Prayer, lead by Lizzy with some thoughts and questions from Colin, this is on YouTube and Facebook, the link is Sunday 21st February, Morning Prayer
The 10am service is live streamed on Youtube. Lizzy is leading and preaching, Sam will be playing live and there are video contributions on gratitude as well as the reading and intercessions.
Some new hands are having a go at the powerpoint slides and camera control, so please continue to be patient as we widen the broadcasting team.
The link will be on Facebook and is here: All Saints gathering to worship 21st February 10:00am
The order of service for both services are attached.
click here for 8am
click here for 10am