Church Building Opening

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This a quick guide to how the church building is set up for those wishing to come into the building for a said service.

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Our online services will continue every Sunday at 10am for the forseeable future with coffee and chat on zoom afterwards of course. As we learn how to be safe together in church we will be adapting to the numbers of people wanting to come into the building as well as any new guidelines issued. Church happens when people meet together, aware of God in their presence. This happens everyday, in every place imaginable; if it helps you to come into the building then you are very welcome.
The styles of service are varied, we really want to encourage the fluidity of enjoying all expressions of worship together. Over the past months so many people have appreciated being part of the same worship experience. Think of the times as just that: a time, not a particular group of people. For example if you would like to escape your home at 8:00am and sit and listen to worship words that have been used over the centuries then come on the 9th of August. If the day has been too busy, or too quiet, come on the 2nd August at 6:00pm.
Initially we can only accommodate 26 people, plus those staffing, unless some are from the same household.

Face masks are recommended, and we will check your temperature so that people feel as safe as possible when coming. Please see advice on face coverings here.

To begin with the building will be open:
26th July – 8.00 am Celtic Morning prayer
2nd August – 6.00pm Holy Communion
9th August—8:00am 1662 Holy Communion
16th August—6.00pm Evening prayer
23rd August– 8.00–Celtic Morning prayer
30th August—6pm –Holy Communion