What Happened Next #4 Acts 3:1-10 “So Get Up” Personal and Social Restoration

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Personal and Social Restoration

The Holy Spirit is still poured out upon us today and He still changes us and still sends us out to fulfil the mission of Jesus to the world.
The Same Today: We are aware of the needs around us. Just like Jesus.
Personal and Social exclusion.
Disapproval and Danger
Do we differentiate between “deserving” and undeserving” poor?
The Same Today: We have the gift of the Spirit. Just like Jesus.
Meeting people not policies: Peter “sees” the lame man as one who will be saved/healed.
Attentive expectations. The lame man sees Peter as possible Good News.
Do we see through Jesus’ eyes?
The Same Today: We have the power of the Spirit.. Just like Jesus.
What we can’t we admit. No experts. Limited resources.
What we can we do. Open and compassionate hearts.
The result is restoration and rejoicing. From daily begging routine to a whole new life with all its joy and its challenges. He entered the temple with them. People saw it. Wonder & Amazement.
How do you see yourself?
Deserving – undeserving?
Poor – Rich?

Powerless – Empowered ?

Sermon by Robin Trew

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