Natural Church Development

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All Saints church is currently in its third cycle of Natural Church Development (NCD), which starts with a survey of church members who have influence and understanding when it comes to church activities. That includes all members of the Ministry Leadership Team (MLT), PCC, Churchwardens and many others in positions of leadership or ministry. The sample size is usually between 30 and 40 at All Saints. There is then an ‘understanding’ phase, followed by ‘action’ and ‘review’ phases, leading to a final review and a new survey being undertaken approximately 18 months later. The PCC at All Saints has asked its MLT to oversee and implement the whole process, with regular updates on progress.

The last survey was completed at the start of September 2016, with the results being fed back and explained by our NCD mentor. The MLT then entered the ‘understanding’ phase to make sense of the results, with those results being presented to a special meeting of the whole church in November 2016, along with insights into why the results might be the way they are. This information has also been used to guide writing of our Parish Profile, as part of our preparation for advertising for a new Rector.

The MLT have now agreed 3 targets (split into multiple action points), covering Compassion, Welcoming and Hope as their themes. These were identified as three areas that will allow us to improve the quality of the whole church experience at All Saints. We will be making good use of our highest-scoring Quality Area, Gift-based Ministry, in order to continue improving our lowest-scoring Quality Area, Passionate Spirituality. The MLT will initially review progress in September 2017, with a final review in January 2018 and survey number 4 taking place in March 2018.

NCD results 2016Please click on the links below if you want to download our survey results and agreed targets:

PowerPoint presentation of full survey results

Analysis of 8 Quality Areas from results

3 Targets for 2016 – 2018