Introducing our new Rector – Rev Lizzy Holland

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Hello Saints

We have wonderful news!!!!!
Here is a message from our new Rector…

Hi, my name is Rev. Lizzy Holland, and it’s my joy and pleasure to be introducing myself as the ‘soon to be’ new Rector of All Saints, Allesley. I plan to be starting with you in October and moving into the Rectory around that time with my husband Mitch and daughters Miriam (15 months) and Lydia (3 months). I can’t wait to be part of the community in Allesley and I’m excited for all God has in store for us all, as we journey together. 

I’m currently on maternity leave and have just finished my curacy, where I have served at Berkswell Church for 2 years and also a placement at the Arden Valley Benefice at the beginning of this year. Before my call to Ordination I was a Children and Families Worker in Lichfield. 

I am passionate about prayer, mission, seeing people flourish as they grow in faith and good cake! Mitch and I love hosting people and a house full of people with full hearts and stomachs brings us enormous joy. I’ve been praying around the parish and have felt God prompting me with the passage of Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones and I’ve been praying for a fresh encounter with the life-giving breath of God for all who are part of the Allesley community. 

I’d love you to join me in that prayer and in praying for us as a family as we prepare for this next stage in our lives. Be assured of our continued prayer and listening to God’s heart for us all in the coming months. I’m so looking forward to us getting to know one another and journeying together.

Many blessings, Lizzy  

These are the lyrics of the song referred to by Lizzy in her introduction in the YouTube & Facebook service:

COME ALIVE: Hillsong

Come alive, come alive, come alive dry bones
Come alive, come alive, come alive dry bones
Awake, arise
Inhale the light
Come alive, come alive

I’m gonna sing to you dry bones
Until you’re covered in life
And the valleys bloom
Like a rosebud in the light


Hear the call to attention
Feel the change in the air
For the ground is dry
But the clouds are overhead
I’m gonna sing it again


Are you waiting on heaven
Or is it waiting on you
For the Holy Ghost
is already in the room


So you better get ready
‘Cause who knows what He’ll do
Where the four winds blow there’s a
Breakthrough, breaking through

I’m gonna prophesy again


Come alive, alive
Get up and rise, rise

So leave those shackles in the grave now
And dance like you were young
You did not have to live in chains now
There’s a key within your song
So leave the past where it belongs child
And take a leap into the Light
Come find the freedom you were born for
And tell that soul to rise
Arise, arise, arise


God bless