Easter Sunday – 8am and 10am Services

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See below the Easter Sunday services – there will be an 8am service and a 10am service.

The 8am service for Easter and the Easter season is on YouTube, it will be there from 8:00am Easter Sunday. (the link will say private before that time, but will work anytime after 8:00am)

The link is:   https://youtu.be/VQ-IiIGp7fI

It will also be on Facebook.

It has been distributed on CD to those who haven’t got access to YouTube or Facebook.  If you need a CD copy or know of someone who does, then please let us know.  Click here for a mp3 for the Easter Sunday 8am service that you can play. We will certainly produce a Pentecost 8:00am CD service too.

Also click here for the daily prayers mp3 which are said at 10am Monday through to Sunday,

The Easter Celebration of Hope will premiere on YouTube at 10:00am.

The link is here: Easter Sunday Service

Easter Sunday Service

Join us for a celebration of hope as we declare that Christ is Risen

The 10:00am  should be available on Facebook – we know most people watch it live on YouTube on their TV.

Here is a typed service sheet for the 10am service for those unable to access YouTube.  All the words you will need will be on the screen if you are watching on YouTube.

We are still learning, there are a variety of ways of doing these things and we are enjoying lots of people contributing.
It’s good to know what you find particularly helpful. Please let us know.

Families…to help  you get the most out of our Easter Sunday service it would be good if you could:

  • Draw faces or print off emoji’s for the following emotions:

😥 grief; 😮shock; 😧 fear; 😕🤔 confused; 🤗  joy and 🤩 excited, ready to hold up in our responsive reading

  • Find a dice and practice the following EASTER shouts as loud as you can:

1 Alleluia; 2 He is Risen; 3.Jesus is Alive; 4. Praise God; 5. God’s not dead; 6. Let’s celebrate


Looking forward to worshipping with you.

Happy Easter everyone!