Ideas for small groups online

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For those small groups at All Saints’ Church that want to transition to having a meeting over the internet, here are some ideas and resources you might find helpful from Cell UK.

Many small groups use a model called the 3 Ps, which is very simple and flexible, and well suited for a 40 minute group Zoom or Skype meeting. Below is an outline which you might like to try, and matching helpful resources from Cell UK.

The 3 Ps are: Presence, Pressure, Purpose. And it works like this:
The group time together starts with someone doing an act of Presence reminding us of God’s presence amongst us, perhaps with a spiritual thought, or a brief Bible study, or an uplifting story of God at work, or maybe a short video clip.

You might like to use Cell UK’s Worship Cards in this time – a set of 40 worship ideas for small groups, most of which are suitable for internet groups or can be easily adapted for that use. Here is an example below:

The second P is Pressure: This entails each member of the group being invited to share the pressures they are facing. All of us are facing difficulties especially regarding the current situation, for which sharing and praying together is extremely beneficial.

Thirdly: Purpose. Here the group can think about how they could reach out to their street, to their neighbours and friends, and particularly at this time how they can help others who are in difficulty. And also let us pray – for our friends, neighbours, nation and government.

You might like to consider using Cell UK’s Missional Cards for Small Groups in this section of your group meeting.

Happy Meeting!