Changes at All Saints – 17th March 2020

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17th March 2020

Changes at All Saints Church – Coronavirus Covid-19

As God’s body – His church – here in Allesley we have an opportunity to grasp worship in its fullness. Over the coming weeks we can explore, engage and become excited about different ways of worship – please share your ideas of practical support, of praying for others, of your availability to help with prayer/ activities / acts of service.

We’re looking at when the church building can be open, how we can support with phone calls and deliveries, please see the attached card we have started to distribute. (We are already getting a response from the community). Always we need to follow regulations and advice regarding the corona virus and safe practice with the vulnerable (and that’s most of us).

We can’t set everything up at once, we can’t set up much without us all taking part. The church of England has put up lots of ideas for prayer and liturgy as well as ways of streaming, using social media etc – if you’ve got skills then we really need them.

Not only do we need to be serving the community, alongside loving and caring for each other, but we must also be a church characterised by prayer – private prayer, public prayer, prayer for all and we need to be known as a people who both serve and pray.

And don’t forget teaching – discussing what we’ve read or watched (maybe not in one big mass – needs to be worked out).

Please email me or message me on WhatsApp, my phone number is 07727 270504.

More emails will be following, meanwhile please read this excellent excerpt from the course we are planning to look at after Easter (or when practical) written by Sam and Sara Hargreaves –

I’ll bring you more than a song

What if worship is more than singing? What if the whole, grand story of the Bible is concerned with a God who created people to worship him? The Bible uses a whole range of words which we translate or understand as ‘worship’ and most of them are not referring narrowly to music or singing. We want to suggest that the following three terms might begin to sum up God’s heart for worship. His desire is that all of humanity would:

Draw Near – engage with God in close, reverent relationship;
Obey – honour God by living his way; and
Glorify – proclaim God’s ways to the world.

We know that, sadly, the perfect relationship of worship which God intended in creation was broken. Adam and Eve and the people of Israel failed to Obey God, their actions did not Glorify him and this resulted in not being able to Draw Near. And yet this gracious God made ways for his people to keep coming to him through the tabernacle, the priests and the sacrificial system. Then, at the climax of his story, God stepped into our shoes. Jesus showed us what a life of worship really looked like. He lived the perfect life of Drawing Near to his Father, Obeying God’s will and bringing him Glory by the Holy Spirit. He fulfilled and exceeded the Old Testament system by becoming our eternal high priest and our once-for-all sacrifice. And through his life, death and resurrection he has made a way for us to worship with his kind of intimacy, obedience and confidence.

You can read the whole chapter here: HOW WOULD JESUS LEAD WORSHIP –

And follow this link and the sublinks and let me know where you think you fit in, whether that’s from home, in the church building, or out and about.


Di Oliver
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All Saints Allesley

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