Allesley Parish Magazine – Easter 2019

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This February we were blessed with some warm and sunny early spring weather. The papers declared it was the hottest day on record and there were pictures of ice creams and sunbathers in the balmy February sunshine. This was in stark contrast to the previous year’s February, which had been frozen and snowy. In every season God gives us a foretaste of
the season to come… And this February, he gave us warm blue skies that heralded the coming spring.
Easter provides a foretaste of God’s kingdom.
The resurrection of Jesus, startling and miraculous as it is, provides a glimpse into the future that God offers to all humanity. It is a mouth-watering glimpse into the promises of God’s kingdom. Sometimes, in the depths of winter, spring and the joys of summer seem so distant that we lose hope. However, suddenly there is a thawing in the ice and a glimpse of the future season to come. Jesus is resurrected not just to declare God’s power but also to bring hope and to release courage to those stuck in the difficulties of this life.
As we read the Bible narratives of Jesus’ resurrection, we realise that none of his followers really believed that he would be raised on the third day. Even Mary Magdalene, arriving at the tomb early in the morning, did not come to see if he had been resurrected but rather to anoint his body. This, despite Jesus repeatedly telling his followers that he would be resurrected.
Jesus’ crucifixion was a moment of total defeat for his followers. The women and men who had invested their lives into following him had seemingly seen everything that they hoped-for die upon the cross. Sadly, many of us can identify with this sense of loss and hopelessness, especially in painful bereavement. However, his resurrection, the glimpse of the new kingdom season, where death and pain are defeated, is a moment of tremendous victory for those who loved him. God’s kingdom had come. And this victory is for us here, today… A moment where we glimpse God’s future for us and our loved ones, and we remember his sovereign rule both in our lives and in the world.
Happy Easter everyone…


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