Vision Day – Where is God Calling Us?

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Reading: John 15: 1-8

All Saints’  Vision Day took place on 14 April 2018.
It was well attended with people from all three church services and from different age ranges; children, teenagers to senior citizens.

Watch Miles’s Talk as he explains what happened on the Vision Day:

Why a Vision Day?
If you don’t know where you’re going it’s like drawing a smiley face blindfolded. In other words, even the simplest tasks becomes difficult.
The main questions we asked were:
Where are we?
Where is God calling us to be?
How are we going to get there?

We did 3 exercises:
1. The Boat Picture (First Exercise)
It was a picture of a boat on water, blue sky above, but underneath were rocks. We had to write items on Post-It notes and place them on the picture:
Blue sky – What makes us love coming to All Saints?
Flat water – What is it that it a bit flat?
Rocks – What are the threats/rocks which could damage All Saints?

2. The AGM Chart (Second Exercise)
Where is God calling All Saints to be in 5 years time?
We presented, with a snappy headline, contents page and speech bubbles, where we believed God would like us to concentrate our efforts.
3. The Target Tank (Third Exercise)
What next for the Church?
Do we look like and sound like Allesley Parish?
If not, how do we change that?

What came out of the Vision Day?
There was a general consensus –  All Saints wants to be:
An inviting Parish Church, thriving and growing in faith, resources and people.
Serving the needy and vulnerable in our community.
Supporting the young in their faith journey and encouraging young people to step up into leadership.
To be a blessing to our community.

Detailed results of the Vision Day will be discussed at the next PCC meeting in May, and then a paper will be published for the congregation to read.