Don’t Miss the Birthday Party

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Mark 13: 24-end

Here are highlights from today’s guest talk from Darren Burgess, Executive Director of Coventry City Mission:
Thank you everyone for your support for Coventry City Mission (CCM). The Giving Tree Project is an opportunity for people to be blessed, and to be supported spiritually and practically. We’re hoping this year that well over 600 poor and needy children in Coventry will be blessed by the Giving Tree Project. It’s also an opportunity to know that we are celebrating Christ’s birthday, and everyone is invited. It’s difficult to forget that Christmas is happening; the celebration of Jesus’s birthday.

There are 3 opportunities during Advent to remember the coming of Christ.

1. Birthday card
Hopefully you will be receiving a Christmas card with a nativity, carol, or wintry scene on the card celebrating the birth of Jesus. We receive Christmas cards before the event. The coming of a special baby; Christ the King. People knew thousands of years ago before it happened through prophesy. Are we ready to welcome the King, the one who it is all about?

2. “We missed you card”
You might get such a card from Amazon or your postman to say, “we tried to deliver a parcel but you were out”. We have the Bible, history, people handing down stories, all these tell us he is coming. Don’t miss him. It’s not about the gifts, the tinsel, the presents. It’s about the baby, who grew into a man that stirred a nation, challenged authority, walked on water, healed the sick, forgave sins, raised the dead, died on a cross, and rose again.

3. All Saints’ Church Bulletin
At the back of this week’s Bulletin and in the Parish Magazine, you are invited to the party. Everyone is invited to the several services that celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The invitation is there for YOU.

Finally, let’s remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Everyone is invited to the birthday party. There are several ways that we are reminded. With the Giving Tree Project we donate a gift, it goes to CCM, it’s sorted, wrapped and distributed. The gift is unwrapped with thanksgiving and celebration. In the same way we need to unwrap and accept Jesus – the perfect gift.